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BUNO KAFFA, from its birth place

Buno Kaffa ,from its birth place

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Diamond Enterprise P.L.C. formal owner of Dahab Coffee, was established in 1999GC & is currently involved in coffee plantation development in SNNP regional state, Kaffa zone, Gimbo wereda, Tulla kebele. After securing about 200ha of land in 2000GC, the company has started its activities in 2001 with coffee nursery establishment. The company began producing sun-dried green coffee beans since 2006 harvest year & supply to Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). Since January 2013, the company has planned to export its products & took some corrective measures that help to export its products directly to the global specialty coffee market. In line with, we have exported to USA, Denmark
Germany & Netherlands in the last three years.

Featured Coffees


Natural Kaffa Forest Coffee

Our Kaffa forest coffee beans are truly unique and special. The plants are delicately nursed as seedlings, for eight to nine months until they are mature enough to be planted in the forest. Our employee's continue to monitor the plants until they produce their first coffee berries. After the red ... Read more

Semi-Washed Kaffa Forest Coffee

Semi-washed or wet method, where in the entire soft fruit residue, both skin and pulp, is removed by the pulper from the beans before they are dried. The wet processing protocol is to first remove the outer layer skins, next loosen the sticky fruit pulp, and finally wash off the loosened, At this ... Read more

Coffee Honey (Honey with Coffee Flavour)

Diamond enterprise plc is coming with unique pure coffee honey in to the market. The honey is produced in the same natural way, but different because most of the flowers visited by the bees are coffee flowers. These coffee flowers start blooming from February till the harvest time of honey, on May ... Read more