Diamond Enterprise Plc.

BUNO KAFFA, from its birth place

About Diamond Enterprise Plc.

Diamond Enterprise P.L.C. owned by a dedicated woman entrepreneurs, who believes in working together for a better livelihood of woman involved in the coffee farming, was established in 1999GC & is currently involved in coffee plantation development in SNNP regional state, Kaffa zone, Gimbo wereda, Tulla kebele. After securing about 330ha of land in 2000GC, the company has started its activities ... Read more




Competent, passionate, compassion women spearhead our specially farm occupying leadership and out grower position. As the crews of the family women’s involvement and empowerment leads to building a study and sustainable community which intern constructive efficient and creative work force


our culture is an ever learning and growing culture,“ we put demand on ourselves to learn and share our Knowledge base with and train our community. It is a commitment to an open progressive Mindset that feeds into our ongoing exploration for the exceptional while addressing our social and economical challenges and a community.


creating fair job and collaboration (our-grower) opprcunity for our community is one of our core value points. It is a double-edged blade that enables us to transforms lives while assuring progressive and sociable quality quality output



Our mission is to enhance socio-economic conditions of Gimbo communities via developing Kaffa (Gimbo) into a CoffeeTourism destination & integrating the small holder coffee farmers (especially women) to our business asoutgrowers thereby supporting the practice of Sustainable agricultural practices, hence increase productivity & farmers income.



To be globally competent producer, processor & Exporter of best quality Coffee, Honey & Spices on whom customers depend for Quality, Traceability & Reliability.

Why choose us


We supply Traceable, Micro-lot coffee right from its birth place, KAFFA
Sustainable quality & quantity – since we are farmers & exporters.
The farm is chemical free - 100% free of chemicals and fertilizers
Traceable, single-origin, micro-lot coffee – We have identifiable lots with their specific soil characteristics.
We also prepare roosted coffee & other types of blends on request.
Customers can have full information on each process of the coffee production, including the workers involved
Out growers - We are working with more than 120 small farm holders
Location - Our farm is located in Kaffa, the birth place of Coffee Arabica, which is prominent for the production of Coffee, Honey & Spices. The National Coffee Museum of Ethiopia is located only 24 km away from our farm and the Kaffa Biosphere Reserve is also nearby.


Our focus on sustainability goes beyond responsibility or firmness. It is the wisdom of nature chat assures holistic quality in the now and the future.The way we measure quality is simple= its the level of joy we have and are able to share and sustain through our Work Process.


making sure its products are processed , expressed and compensated in a deserving manner. This helps us and our community keep the balance of taking and giving back to the land.


Making sure that the people interacting with the land are Well trained and insight on how co nurture and Protect.


Making sure that our practice does not harm the very nature and future of its beauty. We focus on a Strategy focused on longevity rather than short term gain.


Our very desire is to see infrastructural challenges lifted on our community. It is the end and the very means at the same. It is what makes out job worthwhile in the industrious sense, and the very tool that assures sustainable quality and progression.


We are committed to ‘’no illness amongst us’’ value, illness in all its expression (physical, mental and social) robs us of our joy efficiency and impact, which is why we are actively participating and plan to incrementally involve in lifting unhealthy parasitic from our community. Although we understand the manarrainability of the task. We believe in the promise of progress.


We stand one of the most beautiful places in Ethiopia and the very source where the story of coffee started. It is the core cloment that enriches us and our community and to end, our focus is not just to protect but to enhance elevate and nurture this natural beauty to see it and our community houris even more.

Our Customers

Our primary customers are companies who are looking for Sustainable, Traceable, Micro-lot, Specialty coffee which is produced by woman producers, on the basis of international standards for Food & Safety Control And Health & Safety Standards.




Ethiopian Coffee Growers, Producers and Exporters Association

Ethiopian Women in Coffee