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BUNO KAFFA, from its birth place

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The Biosphere Reserve provides important protected territory for birds in wetland, grassland, and forest habitats. Two hundred and ten bird species inhabit Kafa which constitutes 23% of the country’s total bird species and includes 11 endemic species. Kafa supports birds of prey, warblers, thrushes, weavers, swallows, and many other birds. As a result of this vast array of birds the Biosphere Reserve is listed as an Important Bird Area. The plumage and songs of Ethiopian birds present an especially vivid range.

The wetland habitat in Kafa is an important habitat for the dignified Wattled Crane and the Black Crowned Crane. Ground-dwelling endemic Abyssinian Longclaws are striking with their bright yellow throat and chest surrounded by a black necklace. Rouget’s Rail, also endemic, often flicks its tail in clumps of grass near water or in meadows.
Kafa's intact forests provide excellent habitat for tree-dwelling birds. Over 20 species of birds of prey exist here including the impressive Crowned Eagle. Abundant dove species, small and hook-beaked Olive Sunbirds and endemic Yellow-Fronted Parrots also reside here. Kafa supports Black-Headed Forest Orioles, which have a distinctive call and a brilliant yellow color, as well as many Silvery-cheeked Hornbills which bear impressive beaks. The brightly green-colored Black-Winged Lovebird is also endemic to Ethiopia. These birds represent only a small number of the Biosphere Reserve's fascinating and abundant bird species.
Scientists are working to record Kafa's 210 species of birds, 170 of which are residents to Ethiopia meaning that they breed here. However, migratory species also enjoy roosting in Kafa. The forests serve as resting and feeding stages for 24 Palearctic migrants which winter in Ethiopia but breed in Europe, Russia, Northern Africa, or the Middle East. Kafa also shelters 10 intra-African migrants with resident breeding populations in Ethiopia.

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