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BUNO KAFFA, from its birth place

Our coffee

Coffee like so many other edible vegetable products, has various flavors that depend on its kind, the place of production; influenced by conditions relating to climate, soil, altitude, sunlight and rainfall, in short, by macro and micro geological determinants. Each has its own characteristic flavor, sweetness, acidity, etc and our farm goes an extra mile to take special care for our coffee.


Our specialty coffee is a result of the ongoing taste of founding and refining exceptional quality at every stage of our practice. We found quality from the choice of land we work on every special bean Coffee we had a pick. the rehinonships we develop and the time and excellence we invest in. there is no shortcut here every segment of our process is given special attention.Located at the birthplace of Coffee. Dahab specialty farm is a 200 ha land in Gimbo, Kaffa. Rich in greener and biodiversity, the western part of Ethiopia is a sought-after landscape for natural adventures. Dahab Farm works to add a new dimension to this attraction by cultivating Kaffa as a destination for coffee tourism. Our farm lies on an altitude of 1795 -1850° and annual mean rainfall of 1,600-2.200mm. The coffee has been planted on gently sloping hillsides and hilltops on camisoles and nitosols, We supply Traceable. Single-origin. Micro-loc coffee extracted and refined by skilled craftspeople. We practice organic methodsof production and are environmentally conscious, assessing Ways on the impact on our land.

Chemical free

By implementing an integrated pest management system, we manage to keep our farm free of any chemicals & pesticides.

Quality score 85+

Since the introduction of the Tractability system, the quality score of our coffee exported in the last two years has improved to 85+. We adhere to the international standards of Health & Safety AND Food & Safety Control.

TRACEABLE, Micro-lot

We trace our coffee throughout the production line, starting from seedling source to the point where the coffee is delivered to the buyer. A well-established tractability system was introduced & checked as a pilot project in the 2013/14 harvest year.


The agricultural practices in the farm are well managed so that we don't disrupt the natural forest & the animals living in the forest. We have reserved about 10ha of land which is untouched with its naturally grown forest trees & wild coffee trees.

Our Coffee Farm