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BUNO KAFFA, from its birth place

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Human Resource Practice


Dahab Coffee's Human Resource Acceptable Practice

  • Recognizing the rights of its workers to freedom of association and to bargain collectively.
  • Enabling workers to gather independently to discuss work-related problems.
  • Taking all necessary measures to ensure that it does not participate in any form of forced or bonded labor.
  • Complying with minimum age standards.
  • Ensuring that employment-related decisions are based on relevant and objective criteria.

Acceptable Environmental Practice

  • Supporting a precautionary approach to environmental issues.
  • Developing emergency procedures in place to prevent and address accidents affecting the environment and human health.
  • Taking measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gasses.
  • Taking measures to reduce water consumption and treat waste water.
  • Taking measures to prevent and reduce the production of waste and ensure responsible waste management.
  • Preventing, reducing and treating air emissions.
  • Preventing and reducing impacts on the surrounding environment from noise, odour, light and vibrations.
  • Minimizing the use and ensure safe handling and storage of chemicals and other dangerous substances.
  • Preventing, minimizing and remedy significant impacts on biodiversity.
  • Ensuring that natural resources are used in a sustainable manner.
  • Encouraging the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Health & Safety Acceptable Practice

  • Ensuring that its workers are provided safe, suitable and sanitary work facilities.
  • Ensuring that workers are provided with the protective equipment and training necessary to perform their tasks safely.
  • Actively involving workers in health and safety work.
  • Ensure that the workweek is limited to 48 hours; that overtime is infrequent and limited; and that workers are given reasonable breaks and rest periods.
  • Providing a living wage that enables workers to meet the basic needs of themselves and their dependents.
  • Ensuring that workers are paid holiday leave, sick leave, and parental leave in accordance with international minimum standards.
  • Ensuring that all workers have an official employment status.
  • Protecting workers from workplace harassment including physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment, abuse, or threats.
  • Respect the privacy of its employees whenever it gathers private information or monitors the workplace.
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Our farm is located at about 460 KM south west of Addis Ababa ,in south nation nationality and people, Kaffa zone ,Gimbo wereda, Tulla farmers village .It is 110 Km to the west of Jimmma,24 KM to the north west of Bonga and 12 KM to the west of Gimbo town, towards Geisha.

Tel : +251 478 906822