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BUNO KAFFA, from its birth place

Explore Kaffa

Kafa's abundant water resources allow for a lush green landscape but they also offer stimulating activities. Hiking to spectacular waterfalls, lounging in hot springs, exploring river caves, bird watching, and rafting are just the beginning of the excitement in Kafa's rivers, lakes, and springs.

The hilly rugged landscape of Kafa ensures that its rivers tumble down mountainsides into majestic waterfalls. During and right after the rainy seasons the waterfalls are especially grand as the recent precipitation gushes downstream. The waterfalls create colorful rainbows and sends voice echoes booming through the surrounding valley. There are at least fourteen waterfalls in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve to visit including those at Barta, Shaki, Shimi, Mankira, and Woshi.